After looking through a couple of companies, we decided to settle on Sim video as we liked how the photos were taken and how various happy expressions were captured. When we got our wedding photos, it really didn’t disappoint, and it captures many of our happy moments.

For the SDE video, I happen to chance upon a Korean song “You and I” by Park Bom that I really liked and wanted to incorporate into the same day edit video for the day events. I gave Ben a few references before the wedding for his shooting inspiration and I very much left it to him. He did a great job in weaving a story line around the song on top of the usual display of day events in the video. He also has a tough job as Lawrence and I happen not to be shooting-friendly as we tend to stiff up when there’s a lens aimed at us. Ben made constant effort to keep our spirits and smiles up to look natural and smiley on our wedding day.

We are glad many of our family and friends also gave praised to the video and photos! Keep up the good work Sim Video!

“Lawrence & QianHui”