Lawrence & QianHui (SDE) “Bom-You & I”

This time, I helped a pair of very cute newly-wed couple to complete their Same Day Edit cinematic video. The bride requested to use a Korean song “BOM – You and I” in their wedding video. This is the first time that I used a Korean song for a wedding video clip. The lyrics of this song are quite sad, however, the melody/music is lively. Thus, I find that it is very suitable for this short film to create a sweet moment effect.

Charles & Alice (SDE) Wedding Cinematography

This day, I’ve to wake up early in the morning to go to Singapore for photo and video wedding cinematography shooting. It’s another newly-wed couple who followed the Teochew Tradition. As all the plan has been brought forward, there’s enough time for me to arrange the outdoor shooting. I’m really glad that the newly-wed couple as well as the brothers and sisters are very co-operative which allows me to have a successful shooting once again.

Jeffrey & Vivian 12.06.2011 (SDE)

Finally i helped this couple deliver their same day edit video. During this video, the bride express her heartfelt appreciation for her husband. This perfect wedding brought a lot of joy and touching moments. This also encouraged me when i help them complete this short film. I will bring out more such works in the future. In the end I found out that the groom was my high school seniors. The world is indeed very small.