Over the year, Same Day Edit video is one of the main wedding video have to show during dinner time on actual day. But now we came out a new style of SDE called Same Day Edit Plus “SDE+plus” which combine a customize storyboard according the music that we used. This will make the SDE look more interesting and fun. Let see how this couple and their brothers and sisters creating their own SDE+plus on their actual day.

One thought on “Clement & Laverne (SDE+plus) “Everything is sound””

  1. Dear Ben, Thank you for the wonderful video that you did. Funny and interesting, just what we wanted. Although it was hard work doing the actual filming, it was all worth it in the end. Great effort by you and your dad as well. We would gladly recommend you to anyone who would like to have their video done.

    Thank you for the wonderful video once again.

    Clement and Laverne

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